Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Is it Police Harrassment? (Probably Not but....)

On May 25th, 2016 I was, yet again, stopped by a Somersworth Police Officer. Correction: I was already stopped, of my own accord, and the Police Officer found my stopping in a public parking lot curious and turned on her lights. She then approached my car, told me that because I was stopped at a public parking lot around 1 AM she found that curious oh and may I have your driver's license and registration. 10 - 15 minutes later I am allowed to resume my tasks.

Now, this incident is, by it's nature, Illegal. Just because something is "curious" does not give a Police Officer the right or authority to interrupt another citizen's day. And for me this is a problem as I am forever going to do things that are "curious". Off-beat, strange, off-the-wall, curious.

  • I could say that it is because I'm a recent Traumatic Brain Injury survivor.
  • I could say that it is because I'm a member of Somersworth VFW and all that entails.
  • I could say that is is because I'm a Freemason, Mensa, Airborne Trooper, on and on.
  • However I have NEVER been illegal with anything I have ever said or done, period.

That being said, I sometimes get stressed out while driving and I pull over to the side of the road to take a deep breath. I find the best place to pull over is PUBLIC parking lots. Due to work schedules I am, at times, out and about around midnight. Strangely moving around at that time seems to strike the "curious" note with your young Officers and they proceed to pull me over.

Being of large stature I can only wait for the day an Officer shoots me as some sort of so called appropriate response to my stature. After all, I suffer Aphasia. Maybe one of these stops I engage in a tourettes fit and get shot for telling an annoying intrusive Officer off. I have yet to ever get a ticket in Somersworth with all the stops but what if I choose to stop these curious fishing expeditions? Somehow or another your Officers are abusing their authority diminishing the "automatic" respect those lights grant.

Is it THE LAW that I must let them continue interrupting my day just because they are "curious"? Is that the Freedom I defended with my sweat, blood, and skill? I don't think so. Again I re-iterate: Curious is NOT a valid legal reason to stop anyone anytime.

I proudly refuse to allow you, the Police Dpt, to infringe on the Liberty I sweated, bleed & killed for in return for a little bit of Security, no matter how loose or tight you can provide it. So I can only presume that because of my brain injury, which I received due to no fault of my own, I have been identified as a problem child. Far too many visits to my house on spurious reasons, far too many parking lot stops for spurious reasons.

A question comes to mind: What is the number for Somersworth's Police Dept legal representation?
After all, I need to know who to serve with lawsuit papers.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dinosaurs still exist...

"Interesting point, they do still exist. In human form but they still hang around."

Currently, I'm once again helping some Dinosaurs enter this millennium. Sadly, the last time I did it was a resoundingly ungrateful success. I started interacting with a group of Dinosaurs from a fraternity I belonged to but little did I know this chapter was not the best heart-ed or brightest. Instead of trying to climb the fraternity officer ladder, like many of them seek, I just puttered around in areas I knew well.

I started them with a Facebook page, to garner attention and connection with each other even spent time with Photoshop using my skills to give them something of an interesting banner they could use (and still do); started a Google calendar so they could plan & announce activities. Granted at the time it was, to them, not a worthwhile activity so they treated it as such. Not too long after my brain injury, it became important enough to them so that they asked me to hand everything off to someone else. This was before I realized what an embarrassment I now was to some of them.

What they don't realize, or give a damn about, is that as the creator I still get notices of changes and activities. In fact, I know how much they use this medium. Not a humongous amount but usage is growing. I know what they don't give a damn about: Thanking the guy who started them on the path to this millennium.

To be fair, I never mince my words, I've never been quite politically correct (possibly ever). However asking if that Turnip is a turnip should not be something held against me though many humans have done so. I just thought that this fraternity was above such failings. When I learned otherwise I debated leaving the fraternity entirely but settled on leaving the chapter involved. I've yet to find another one to belong to and I am afraid that while I may satisfy the requirements of the fraternity.... does the fraternity meet those same requirements or mine?

So here I am, once again, looking to help a worthwhile group of Dinosaurs to connect with this millennium. Upgrading the "official" computers operating system, forming blind recipients e-mail lists and notifications, heck some of them bring me their new smartphone and ask "How do I do this?" or "How do I do that?" And I'm the one brain injured?!?

Not that I'm thinking about stopping this activity mind you. I'm just griping about the last time I did this and how I was treated. Granted I could've spoken up in my defense at several junctures but that would've have created discord with my name at the center of it all. That's a big no-no and I didn't want to give those  so inclined to give me the heave ho from the fraternity.

So, yes I'm going to do it. Yes, I'll be happy to do so as I'm sure these guys will appreciate any effort on their behalf, even if they don't quite get it. The one thought that they generate inside themselves, "Thank you". Ironic, when people think about it they thank these guys & gals for their service all the time. Little do people realize that we only did it out of gratitude for our fellow citizens and for our country. We don't need the thanks but they are nice when given.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What is a support group?

I've been to many Brain Injury support groups in the past 3 years since my accident. A few are weak but they try to be a support group, bless their souls, but one or two are just awful. The horrendous experience I am enduring with one has my back up so far I'm thinking about calling an attorney. That being said by complete happenstance I found one support group that has been phenomenal. And their goal has nothing to do with Brain Injury exclusively.

Even during my accident, I kept trying to walk. Unconscious, broken, bleeding from compound fractures - I still marched on. So after I came home I started walking around my current home town. While walking I noticed this old church with the sign "Dumont Lessard VFW Post". Noticed that the grounds was not as beautiful as the building so I started doing regular police calls of the property. One of the members noticed me, walked up, asked my name and >boom< found out I could join.

Since that time the Post has gently learned and dealt with my condition. They've always helped me get involved with anything I seem interested in, and I've yet to discover anything I'm not, and they are always beside me with helpful hands regardless of the activity I've become involved with. In essence, they've become part of my family. Grumpy, lovable, annoying, interesting, crazy, calm, wise members of my family but family none the less.

That IS a support group!

Now, I've been allowed to shoulder some tremendous mental responsibilities as I grow up. And truth be told, I am still regrowing into an Adult, mentally. Not quite at my physical age mentally, yet, but my VFW allows/helps me to exercise my mental & physical abilities to strengthen those aspects of me that my accident greatly diminished in me.

A friend of mine is shocked at the difference that can be clearly seen if one takes the time to look. In person, my abilities with language are difficult and, at times, can be greatly diminished from a "normal" rational human being. The shocking difference, in their eyes, is the complete turn around when I type what I am thinking. In their words, "OMG I want a signed copy of each book you write!"

That IS a support group!

Even though lately I have to shamefully confess to having developed some social anxiety issues. In the development of that issue I have disconnected myself from a worthwhile group of Skype friends. When I was in a coma, they drove several hours down to Boston to support my wife during my operations and what not. When I was moved to rehab hospital, they swung by on occasion. When I was released, they were always there on Skype to help me relearn how to talk and socially interact. And let me tell you, like a toddler I was in the beginning, without their guidance I'd be as awkward as can be. So I proudly say:

That IS a support group!