Who Am I?

Another good question. Since you are here I am presuming that you want to know and I, also, would like to know more. It is in this section I will do a lot more linking, I think, to help explain facets of me. These facets are only sides of the gem that I believe myself to be but ... well I can only share sides of me. There is still only so much time that the internet can consume and I doubt you have 4+ decades to experience me like I have.

So in a quick dash, to set the tone, I am a mensan freemason purple hearted veteran of Desert Storm who subscribes to the United Methodology of Christianity.  Gaaaaaaahhhh..... that was a lot for one mouthful. I am going to slice that sentence apart on an individual basis.

Mensan - This means I am a member of Mensa. Commonly seen as an international club of geniuses by the few common men who know of it. What is often misunderstood is that it is not a club, but truly a support group. A support group made up of like minded individuals with a similarity of traits. Genius, for those who are not, is mistakenly seen as a special privilege. A special power one has that "somehow" makes life better. This is not so and has never been so in all the recorded history of man.

Genius is just a characteristic. Nothing more, nothing less. It is simply an ability and, if not used very carefully, it is quite a disability. Being so in touch with logic a Mensan can readily connect two dots of a situation together forming insight to what is occurring. These two dots might not connect in any apparent way to the normal man but the connection is there to be seen. The flaw of most Mensan is that they become highly dependent on "connections".

Whatever situation they are in they will believe that there is a reason for things that are happening to them even if that reason is not readily apparent. They will expend their efforts and energy on getting to the bottom of it so that they can figure out what is going on. The reason of "stuff happens" is just too simple, too random,  to have any sustainable validity as a reason.

Freemason - Now we are getting into an area of deep dark secrets. Really deep and dark where everybody who has a book wants you to believe Freemasonry is all about. Otherwise they might have to think up an actual plot for the book they are trying to sell you. Now, I am of the highest rank that a Mason can achieve. There is no higher but try explaining that to people who still believe that being a genius is like being bitten by a radioactive spider or some  such.

Here is the secret of being a Freemason; at it's simplest it is a form of identification between masons. Nothing more than that. I'll spend valid time on why identification is important later but the truth is that their are many liars and phoney people out there who will willing claim masonic background to further their plans/goals. This eliminates that potential advantage to the nefarious amongst us. That is all it does.

As to the validity of identification let me ask you some questions. When you go to work, do you have a badge that identifies you? One that you are not allowed to let someone else use at their whim? How about if you use a computer at work, can you just write your login and password on a nearby bathroom wall for anyone to use? Okay, lets leave work out of this, we'll just go home. Got a key to get in your house? One that not everyone else has? Or, how about this, the ISP you are using to read this: I'll bet that somewhere along the way you had to ID yourself to some device to get here? Why?

Ah, so you are a member of some deep dark society bent on controlling, or destroying, the world. Or perhaps... ...

Veteran - This is one of the areas I don't really like discussing in a wide open forum. Service to another is a good thing but Military Service raises many debatable issues. I commonly point out that I did not serve with any form of distinction however I had the distinct honor to serve and that is enough for me. However, after my TBI, I did allow discussion to occur about some of my service. At the time I did not want to speak as much as I did but, well, there I was I could not chicken out or blanch like a coward. Face the music I brought on my own ears and be done with it.

United Methodism - My father, the man who raised me, was a minister. I, in turn, did some time as a minister as well. However it was a burden that has shifted left and right on occasion and at this time I am not. I am feeling a pull though and I might be on the path to becoming a United Methodist minister if not for my accident (more on that later).  I left away from the church from the weights that life has placed in my mouth to chew. Eventually I realized that the reason these issues were so hard to chew was that I had little faith and interaction to help me chew on them. I am now a happy member of my church. A well supported, and hopefully understood, member of my church. They have helped me, beyond a reasonable doubt, to live with my TBI.

Ok, I think that answers enough about who I am but why am I talking about TBI at all. I allude to my TBI in the above texts but I have not said anything about my TBI. That is because it is a sob story that I have said far too many times and to say it, yet again, is just wearisome. Don't you worry, I'll get right on it but wouldn't my navel linen be more interesting to talk about? Please? Please?

Okay, onward we shall go.

A couple of years back I was the epitome of a computer geek. Spending hours upon hours at a computer screen at a time. (In fact I was dual monitored but triple computered!) I then had an almost cardiac event which led to me being in an emergency room. They identified two problems, the first was that I was just a fat old military man who looked embarrassing and the added complication of being a Type 2 diabetic. I was so bad that, as an example, I consumed 4 - 6 liters of Mountain Dew per day. Well one of those I could, and should, solve which also benefits the other problem. Exercise!!!!

So I started an exercise regimen which eventually led to me bicycling an average of 50 - 75 miles per week. I was bicycling so much that it drew the attention of one of my Eve Online friends suggested we get together for a ride together. Since he lived near Boston, and I did not, I asked him how we would accomplish this. He offered the Hub on Wheels event as a venue for our togetherness fun.

So I signed up for it, soundly like great fun to be had. I signed up for the 20 mile hike, paid my registration fees, and showed that morning. My friend got stricken with a belly flux the day before so poor him, he was not going to have as much fun as I was going to have, Wheeee!!!!!

Somewhere about the 15 mile mark we were coming downhill, at a fast clip, when... ... I do not have memory of the accident. At all. We can only supposition what happened from the minimal eyewitness recounts. Our personal supposition is that I hit a pothole at a high rate of speed. I wound up over the handlebars and being rudely introduced into the asphalt.

I suffered compound fractures to both my forearms, I suffered the breaking of the right side of my face, the cracking of the back of my skull, and a chipping near the top of my spine. And yes, my brain swelled and bled. I endured a comatose state for a while. Part of it self imposed and then some of it imposed upon me. My memory doesn't restart in a cohesive manner until approximately two months after the accident.

What damage has been done? I don't yet know. At this time I am typing this I am still under the "initial" recovery phase. They tell me that they won't have any specific ideas of what I damage until one year, maybe one and a half year, after my accident. So far it is now reaching onto 9 months so I have still have some initial healing, and some initial experiences, that I must endure.

But I'll have more on all of this in my limited autobiography. I hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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