Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where Am I Going?

Today I am traveling. I am also traveling in Cosplay mode. I have selected a very unlikely subject to imitate. I am going to imitate someone who is Brain Injured.

This "someone" has suffered Traumatic Brain Injury and is traveling home to let his parent's see him. These parents have not seen him in almost a year since his trauma. Some family members have suddenly all shown up at the parents house and someone has decided to just drop in on them all if possible. This someone is traveling via Trailways and Amtrak to their parent's house.
During this travel, of just over 800 miles, someone will be dressed as a Vault 101 dweller. His transformation served specific purpose:

Here we see him dressed in traveling gear.

Now we see he is wearing some medical devices. This is to indicate his injuries as without these indicators no one would know. Consider this "truth in advertising" methodology.

Now we see his Vault clothes while wearing the indicators.

Hopefully being dressed so unusual while attract attention. Once that attention is gained, the indicators will serve as warnings, and eventually (even through a 4 hour layover in DC) someone will get to see his parents.

That being said, if you wish to contact me during my journey feel free to use Facebook Messenger to contact me. I would love to hear from whoever is speaking and someone would love to meet interesting people along his wasteland travels. (I should have added that someone is traveling alone like any good vault dweller at the beginning of a momentous journey.)

[To be updated]

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