Monday, July 13, 2015

Thank You For Your Service

People routinely say this to me. It often comes off as, "Made eye contact and I must say something for having made eye contact. Hello doesn't seem good enough so I'll toss out the old stand by, 'Thank you....'" And those close to me wonder why I feel awkward when I am thanked.

Only ONE time did I get thanked in such a manner that I turned to the person (a woman), stood at attention, and gave her the sharpest salute I could. My wife's jaw dropped, from my firm expression of gratitude and the manner in which I was thanked.

As my wife and I was leaving a restaurant, with my take out in hand, a woman walked up having noticed my veteran license plate and seeing the "Insert War" Veteran hat. She greeted me so vibrantly and asked if I would allow her to by my lunch. She then handed me a $20 bill and quite firmly gripped my hand expressing the strength of her gratitude.

I truly regret not getting her name or using my phone to take a snapshot of such a resoundingly vibrant face. But it is that experience which helped me to learn that perhaps some of you out there... mean those words.

So I no longer shy away from being thanked and for that, wherever you are my dear, thank you for thanking me for my service.

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