Sunday, March 6, 2016

A curious way of explaining Brain Injury suddenly came upon me:

Each day you and your mind is in a room. A room that you are comfortable with, familiar with, and confident in. You spend your days helping your mind walk in that room endlessly, even when sleeping. As you grow up, as you age, as you gain experience, the room expands. You and your mind walk the new expanses with delight (I hope) but on and on the walk in the room goes on. 

My Brain Injury has taken my room and changed it from an exploration of strange new expanses to a prison that some days shrink without warning. On a daily basis, I can never tell what the dimensions of my mental prison is until I try to walk it but when I hit the boundary my mind wants to shut down and sleep.

Now, saying prison could be taken negatively. Just representing the annoying aspect of my new limitations.

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