Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Do not mistake me being odd/weird as hostile or dangerous.

See, all of my life I have been the odd man out. Growing up, the white tall kid where no white kids dare existed, even now. Army, an officer wannabe who got disqualified but jumps out of Airplanes (???). Civilian life, PTSD sufferer without any violent tendencies. The list goes on...

Throughout all this there has been some consistencies: Integrity, Honor, and Loyalty. Within this wreck of a body lives the soul of a Marine. Fortunately, a brain lives here as well. (/joke)

My accident has damaged my brain in ways Doctors still don't know. I am now high risk for strokes, aneurisms, slip and falls, again the list goes on. However, what has not been damaged is the core of who I've been all my life. Now, with some brain injuries this is not the case. With mine, I am STILL me with some small changes.

The biggest change is Aphasia. Another change is my tendency to blurt which may be a regular sign of my Aphasia. Blurt - say something suddenly and without careful consideration. I don't just blurt verbally as well. I blurt on social media also. Which may, for some people, explain my annoyance with the people of the world who don't know or don't properly remember me.

I didn't say I did not say that.

I said I am not the one who said that.

Yesterday I shared someone else's joke. I thought this joke was funny even if a bit off the beaten path. Of course I have always thought I was funny just off the beaten path. Before accident as well as after accident. I shared this joke on Facebook and on Google Plus. Facebook has been a medium of family connection, Google Plus not so much family but other computer geeks like me. Via Facebook family got concerned about my intentions, like gestapo-ish overseers, while on G+ laughter ensued and chit chatting over the topic engaged.

The family was worried about Police involvement of my life.

"John people get arrested these days for stuff they post on Facebook!"

Yes, ID10T's do. In fairness, gobs of people get arrested every day. The list of people unfairly or unjustly arrested also grows every day. That being said, while unfair arrests happen apologies are rarer. There is always some charge that can be made in every situation.

My charge, off the back? Breathing. Add in possible conspiracy involvement, causing terror to short people for being so tall, forcing the general public to treat me nice by looking like a line backer, and guilty of being odd and brain injured. He is now guilty of being Mentally Disabled, of course he's stupid and crazy NOW!

The truth is I'm a police shooting waiting to happen. Even with a Veteran license plate, heck given the Hollywood disrespect of our PTSD issues a Veteran license plate is increasing my odds of being some nice guy shot down by the police. And that was BEFORE the accident!

So, to my friends on Google+ (especially the Eve Online buddies/targets!) thank you for getting that it was a joke and laughing along with me over the joke. To my concerned family: Shame on yall for forgetting who I am. Oh and bleep-bleep-bleepity-bleep-bleep.

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