Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I blurt.

People keep wondering why I seem to go through drastic social changes. When I'm silent; I'm annoyed, I'm inattentive, I'm "something". Normally I can't shut up so when I'm silent, "something's happening".

Silence is my way of trying to re-learn mental thought control. See, we all have ideas that pop into our heads: "Hey, that was silly", "Man, that really pissed me off!", "Good lord, how can someone do something so stupid!". We formulate societies by what we say and do but what does one do when what is said is no longer under control? Ask me what you think is a reasonable question but warning you might not get a reasonable answer. Nothing dangerous mind you, just not what you expected or wanted as an answer. And, in fairness, my answer might be formulated from nothing you said or asked.

See, I'm not mentally ill. I'm mentally disabled.

I can't control the things that pop out of my mouth (disabled). I CAN control what I focus on though (ill). Distinct difference but a profound one that many people just don't get. Yet I commonly get clumped into the "weird" category along with the degenerates that exist among us. Here I am, forced to relive memories none of you can endure but thank me for that service however after 5 minutes with me y'all shove me into the discard box. This bothers me. Here I am, a man who as a kid (19) was shot at and shot back defending this country populated by people who have no use for me now.

Be a target, shoot a gun, GREAT and thank you for your service!!!

Be disabled, be weird, F--CK YOU and your service!

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