Monday, December 7, 2015

The guys don't get it...

... and to be honest I hope they never do. The only way to understand this is to experience it first hand. I don't like it, no one in my life really likes it, but I would not wish this upon my enemy.

A few days ago, I went out and assisted my brothers in a task. During this task, and they are aware I have thinking shortages, they never told me what to do. Anything I did was either from choice, involving myself in the activity because I wanted to do that, or from a polite request if I'd like to try doing this? Never was anything placed upon me, never was I told what to do.

They don't understand the phenomenal level of respect I was presented. Never was I treated like a cripple, never was I discouraged from using my hands or to keep quiet. In fact, at several points I spoke out about possible upcoming difficulties. They not only listened to what I was pointing out but eagerly discussed the validity of my solutions to the problems so presented. The level of self respect and self confidence such honest & valuable interaction is even now awe inspiring to me.

And while at some point they may read this and mentally toss off my gratitude not realizing the every day devastation my condition does to my psyche perhaps one day they will properly appreciate my level of gratitude for such interaction. It is because of moments like this, from an unlikely support group/system, that I am so motivated to do right by them, individually and personally, and by my Post of the VFW.

Brain Injury support and assistance from them, who'd of thunk it?

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