Tuesday, June 25, 2013

One of the Flaws of TBI... ...

Today I put in a vigorous day. I set up a new Neurologist, who is so busy that I won't be seen until the end of August. Also drove a rental truck down to the Restore where I could pick up some furniture I bought. Along this way I thought I saw something wrong. Saw it, captured part of it with my camera and become very proactive on the issue. Never you mind that I was so wrong on my interpretation of matters as to embarrass not just myself but a honorable man.

When you can work your mind around details you get so invigorated by being able to do so. So invigorated that you follow through... seeming almost impulsive. Which is misleading because what I did today I would have done even before my accident. One does not need TBI to successfully put one's foot deep in mouth. TBI does help to ensure your success however.

That is the flaw: seeing something so clearly that it blocks out potential other explanations. Not so much a locked focus that you won't shake in the face of naysayers, No. But a surprisingly limited focus that doesn't allow for alternatives to formulate.

It is so hard to feel you are right about something while at the same time keeping an honest distrust of your judgement faculties.

People who have known me for many years are used to my sometimes mistakes. Now they have to open their minds to my "sometimes" become a bit more regular. Not that I want to, oh God no I don't want to be so mistaken, however I have to accept, and understand, that I most definitely will never again be so sure of anything that I have to be a summarily different person than that who I was.

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