Saturday, June 15, 2013


I am at this moment trying to think of how to greet you. There are many ways to do it, of course, but what do I want to hang my hat on? Considering the nature of TBI that is a serious question indeed.

Okay, I have found out much about how I used to be from my old internet activity. So I guess that the first person I am writing to is not you, some random anonymous visitor, but is to me. Not the me who is writing this right now but to the me who finds this in the future. See, you may not remember writing this, at all. So this is a note to the future me who I hope is living well and without pain, who has slowly traveled forward in time at a rate of one second per one second, who is reading this trying to figure out what this crazy man is writing on this web page.

That is the problem with TBI. It only affects one kind of person, those who are living. But living with it is not easy. There are memory issues, cognition issues, process issues, and major confidence issues. After all, what piece of personal body do you use to make decisions? If it is faulty do you still use the same piece?

That is where TBI strikes the hardest. You learn to doubt your biggest supporter and your best friend all in one action. You learn to not trust yourself very much, if at all. And that is the most heinous injury of all of them. When you yourself becomes your most hated enemy, then you have work in front of you.

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