Wednesday, June 19, 2013

People often misunderstand to power of the internet. Because a few jerks, and companies, have used the internet in nefarious, or frivolous, means people either discard internet actions or fear them. Little do they understand the healing power of the internet. In equal measure the internet can possibly hurt our lives but only with annoyance. Great annoyance, no doubt, but truly nothing more than bookkeeping annoyance.

However the healing.... Great healing that can bring forth much. As great healing does.

As an example of this I was introduced to David. Though both of us are cyclists in the same state we did not know each other. To be honest, we probably would not have met each other at all in the normal course of things. He was... correction.... is an endurance cyclist. Me? I'm just a fat ass getting smaller by using a bicycle.

We commonly did the same amount of miles but we moved in different circles. His was a circle of athletically motivated tiny butts and mine was a circle of not so physically motivated computer geek butts. What connects us, at all, is two things: The internet and our brain injury.

Now, just because we have so many similarities we are still very different in what we have to experience. I have zero memory of my accident, it is wiped totally clean from my mind. The struggle I have is with such a huge gap that exists in my mind. I go through fears of "what else" am I not remembering and am I not remembering something right in front of my car while I am driving. These troubles are almost paralyzing. Almost....

David remembers a lot more of his accident. He struggles with PTSD over it. I am spared PTSD over my accident but probably because Desert Storm filled my PTSD tank to the top. I have never thought that my military experience was a direct help to my TBI struggles but apparently it is.... interesting that.

But, back to the internet, using it I have been surrounded by my computer geeks friends (via Skype) who have made themselves available at any hour to talk with me. They even once came together to visit my body in the hospital and give my wife support during that visit. Via email and facebook, I am touched by so many people in so many countries. (My previous activities involved a lot of countries peripherally.) And now....... I have found a brother.

Another brother to line up beside my 5 siblings, and my good friends, and my Krempels mates, and my Masonic brothers, and my church family.........

Before this accident I appreciated the people in my life, yes, but I had no idea of how many lives I touched. But from them touching me back I now know.

Welcome to the pack David.

Go ahead, lead it, show us how it is done. 

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