Monday, August 5, 2013

Work It Baby, Work It Hard!!!

I can not begin to talk about how I wound up here. Let me try to lead you through and see if you get to the same place I am at.

First, I visit the Krempels Center. There I was taught several things at once.

  • A: You are not who you were, be who you are!
  • B: The box is not your limits. Don't just think outside the box, thrive!!
  • C: Standard answers work for standard people. I am not, nor was I ever, standard!!!

Then I met "Ron". Ron is support for Greg. Greg is a vibrant vivacious fellow who will be dealing with brain injury for the rest of his life. And what life Greg lives! Greg is always stretching out yesterday's boundaries with today's actions. I thought to myself, if I can just be a fraction of the man Greg is, I'm doing pretty darn good!

Ron had me on his radio show "Don't Dis My Ability". WSCA is a community sponsored radio station staffed by nothing but volunteers. Given my volunteering experience being on the show was, in part, kind of like my old self. Not that I had ever been on the radio before and I've only once been interviewed by a journalist, by email! (Eon Magazine - as Shar Tegral)

Well as I was filling out the volunteer form Nacole, a brain injured D.J., asked me what genre of show I was going to do. I shrugged that off because I was only interested in helping out... ... but her question got my brain percolating. Oh my yes, percolating indeed!

I then figured out what Genre I would do if I did a show. I started planning the show, even did a home video, to share with WSCA management as a demo when >bing< I realized I just did a show. All on my own. No one hovering over me, no one restraining or coddling me, just me. As D.J., as cameraman, as writer, and as producer. Not that I did not need anyone, oh my yes I need some people around, but I did not need any hand outs. I've have contacted my Sisters and a few friends, seeking a hand up, but other than that...

I'm playing with various applications, being an old IT geek, and I am having fun! I have been satisfying sides of my creativity that I knew existed just did not have the time for before my TBI. Now I have plenty of time, I just need to balance my creativity versus my need as a self-case worker.

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