Friday, August 23, 2013

11 Months & Counting... ...

Today is a milestone day. 11 Months ago I woke up, drove down to Boston, registered for the Hub on Wheels event, biking along fundraising and did not make it past the 15th mile. That being said, today is great. I am 6 feet over.

Had my second optometry appointment. At my first they were shocked to find one of my stygmytism's completely gone. However they could see the damage to my brain in my right eye. The right eye works fine however it has changed. So much so that my optometrist, God bless her soul, scheduled a visual field test. Under the auspices that my Neurologist would want it done.

Now, to be fair, I have not been seen by a Neurologist on a regular basis.... at all. In fact, I was the one that setup my oncoming appointment with Dr. Somyreddy on my own. My wife would have happily done these things but she has to work. Her schedule is not easy to work around and I don't want her to give up her career, which she has worked hard on having, for my sake for any reason at all. So, in adjustment, I have become my own case worker.

Today's test was an "Automated perimetry exam". In my humble opinion people should have one of these done just so that they a: know the experience when it becomes neccessary and b: so that if there is any thing going on it is discovered early. I was so afraid that I was screwing things up, during the exam, that I was scared I'd screw everything up.

I didn't.

There is clear signs of brain injury in the scan. My right optical nerve has not just swollen up around the connection point. It has taken on a weired shape. There is possibly some slight damage as well but it could also be the very early (earliest) onset of gluacoma. The doctor and I agree, this is most likely caused by the swelling of my brain.

The outcome is workable, the results very favorable. In fact, the results will substantiate a problem I have been dealing with just nobody beleive's (or understands) me.

I SEE everything.

My vision, baring age, is nigh onto being perfect. I see everything that moves around me, evertything. That creates a problem for me as my cognition is extremely active as well. I am overloaded with information, I always have been and my mental capabilities match my visual capabilities.

I almost always know when to run, first. I know when to attack, first. In fact, I see everything but my memory is very spotty now. In fact, I took the test just a couple of hours ago and I can just barely describe the experience. That quickly things just disappear... fading away.

In fact, I had a goal in my mind when I thought of doing this blog. That goal has faded away and I am struggling to stay mentally awake enough to type. So I'm just going to end with Good Afternoon while I trundle off to have a nap.

Good afternoon.

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