Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Really Challenging Day... ...

Here I am up at 2AM this Sunday morning. Unlike many other Sundays I am not going to be heading in to Church this morning. My VFW Post (4485) is holding it's monthly "business" meeting at 10AM. This conflicts with Church service however no veteran arbitrates his sworn duty when issues arise. So I will be heading, like every morning, to the VFW. Then after the meeting I will be gathering my CropWalk materials, those that I can remember where they are, and then heading into Dover, N.H. and parking near St. Thomas Episcopal's Church.

While down there I will visit the local Cigar Shoppe and switching from Smoking to Vaping. Nicotine is important for the effect it has on my brain, giving me greater control over my cognition, however the normal delivery system is far to smelly (for my wife) and not really good in the area of taste. That I hope will be changed for the better.

Then I will register myself for the CropWalk and take a 5k walk honoring the walk of many women who support their family and households by walking for water that they, and their families, need to make it through a day. While I walk I will carry with me the flag of the U.S. Army (with pride) and the U.S. American flag (with not as much pride). I will do this with three (3) people in mind:

1 - My Father.
A Vietnam veteran who married my mother when I was only 4 years old. He raised me with the greatest levels on integrity, honor, and character any man needs to be sufficiently worthwhile in this life.

2 - My Wife.

Her involvement in Veteran affairs is a hat trick. One that she did not fully appreciate until recently. By the design on three (3) important men in her life. Her father (a WWII Veteran), her older brother (a Vietnam Veteran), and her husband (a Desert Storm Veteran) all of whom she deeply loves and respects. I am the only one who has shared deep war stories with her but only because I could not keep my mouth shut during my recovery period. And there are still some aspects of war experience that just can never be properly conveyed. Experience is ... ... just that; Experience.

3 - My Daughter.

When I die, it does not matter what is said about me after I am gone. In the Lord's hands I will be and that is where I will rest (as much as I ever can). However, my daughter will be able to look at my life and realize that I did not just exist, I LIVED!! The example that I must always maintain is not to show her how to simply exist; I will so her how to LIVE! That is all a parent can do, and that is my duty as her father. Love her, and by example, love her.

Now, that is the "what" of my motivation. I could swamp this entry with many more "whys" surrounding my thinking but that just opens the door to debate (which there is none), discussion (to busy walking), and argument. Discord is to be avoided where ever and whenever possible. The loudest shouter of "No" rarely gets heard and what respect s/he gets is not worth while. Yet the silent stater of what is right gets heard by those who are interested and willing to listen.

How this day is going to turn out? Heck, even Congress does not know how this day is going to turn out for them (no matter what anyone them say). All I can promise, and swear to, is that this not-so old Veteran is facing the day's challenges with an open face; ready for the efforts needed; and by doing so I will have succeeded before I take the first step on that 5k march.

Anything else matter?

PS: It is now 3AM and I am heading to bed. Good night and may the Lord bless you.

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