Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Is My Life, My Very Existence, Against The Law?!?

What happened to me is easy, yet hard, to explain. I was coming downhill at about 30 mph or so when something happened. My bike, from what eyewitness reports we have, came to a sudden stop.

I then went flying over the handlebars, tearing up my right hand which I keep under the handlebar to avoid pressing it (and having a front brake lock up), and then landed on my face.

The asphalt did not appreciate my method of flirtation. Her rejection of me was not exactly gentle. If not for a simple bike helmet, and good stretching prior to riding, I would not be here - at all. I would not wish this experience on anyone, ever, yet people readily do this to themselves all day long. No bike needed, just a lighter and a pipe.

Now, let's be clear: I am not against what silliness people will inflict upon themselves. Yet how many weed smokers know what they are really doing to themselves. I should be honored by the imitation of myself by their (stupidity) actions. They are willingly injure their brains for fun(???) for some reason I can not fathom. And you wonder why our society is lacking?

Not just mine, mind you, the internal lack of ambition and spirit is in many lands. Watch the news, read the paper, people go on and on about trouble but no one really talks about the real problem. The media makes billions on it, encourages it, but won't address it. Politicians live thier lives like lampreys, feasting on your shallow minded tendancies. They grow fat while you waste away... till you really don't matter - to anyone.

My case worker has been struggling as I fall through the medical establishment's crack. I don't have enough money, or media fame, to warrant any real attention. For example, in June my case worker set up my first (ever since leaving the hospital) nueroligist appointment. It was scheduled for August 30th. After two months waiting to pay my co-pay, I met a very engaging mind for the morning. She decided to refer me to a Nuerologist Psychiatrist as I have some growning PTSD issues that need to be addressed.

My case worker waited two weeks then called her office to find out what is going on. Ooops, the N-psychiatrist got the referral but forgot to call to set up an appointment. Now it has been a couple of weeks more, no phone calls, no appointments; from either doctor. It is like I don't, or should not, exist.

Now things are looking up, after a fashion, as the VA is getting involved. As a veteran, of a foriegn war, it seems someone does care about me. Not Congress though, the current claimers of the Republican agenda seem to think it better I die. Perhaps that will make me happy. Sadly suicide, which I did think about, is against God's law. Think I can get a Tea Party member to schedule my execution? I won't struggle or resist, I'll just lay what is left of this poor Veteran's brain on the desk. Then they can stamp NO on it continuing to live.

Consider this: Marijuana is illegal to use in most of this country (and rightly so). The reason is the debilitating effect it has on the human brain. It can ruin memory, short term and long. It ruins balance making you unstable in ways you can't predict, at times you never know when. Dealing in it, dealing in human weakness, is wrong. It leads to death and ruin but many people feed on it like leeches on the skin. (I've had to dealt with such things as a Soldier, it is not nice - For the leech.)

With such physical and mental condition being illegal is my life illegal?

PS: Here is my case worker's website. He is not taking anymore clients as my case consumes his limited time and capabilities. (link)

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