Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas on the way...

I recently discovered something that may help me with my recovery. That being said, it is not cheap. Being "not cheap" convincing my Commander-In-Cheif is not going to be easy, at all. My finances are in flux or I would do this outright myself.

That being said, if you click the link you will be purchasing an advanced copy of my autobiography.As an added bonus, please include your name (or however you wish to be remembered) so that I can personally sign a physical copy for you when physical copies are available.

Here is the post I made on Google+ and on Facebook:

  • I am looking at Google Glass as a tool to help me with my disability. It is hard to explain where I am now insufficient without touching on the subject of alcohol or drugs. But it is the simplest way to explain: Get drunk, or high, and try doing math. Or juggling, or swinging a hammer, or thinking this paragraph out. That is the problem with my mental capability.

    Vertigo? No. Cognition decreased? No. (Actually my IQ is better now!) Memory? Um.... I don't remember how bad my memory is so ask another question, please.

    That is why Glass will do me some good. My life has turned into a working case file requiring me to walk around with a bag to hold wallet, keys, paper, lists, tools, etc., etc.. Glass would removed a lot of baggage I need but, more importantly, it would help me to remember tasks without having to dig around for my tasks list. Where I may have put it... if I can remember where I put it.
So if you want a copy now, digital, please include an email address with your name. Thank you and may you have a nice & Merry Christmas.

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