Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sapience Returning... ...

Recently, I got the urge to write about "something". This "something" was a major factor in one of my favorite books, which has rested upon my cheek as I fall asleep many recent nights. It is not that the book is that hard, oh no. I used to consume books like they were going out of style. After my injury, I have trouble consuming books like I used to although I do try.

The book in question is called "Little Fuzzy". I've searched the internet and apparently people seem to miss the, in my mind, one of the most important aspects of this book. In particular, the book spends time defining (and debating) SAPIENCE.

Sapience is generally defined: Having great wisdom and discernment. (taken from Not to plagiarize in any way, this definition is used by most dictionaries. Words used change from book to book, legalese being what it, however the essential definition stays the same.

The reason this is important to me?

For a solid part of a year my sapience was suspended. In fact, it is still reforming. Let us consider that my wisdom, what I had, was completely rebooted from scratch. Stuck with the memories of a Mensan Combat War Veteran who grew up in the ghetto of Philadelphia.... but zero wisdom in all those memories. Naive like a newborn child.

That is not to say my cognition was suspended. Oh my, was it damaged, still is to be honest. As an example, I know that I am a Tall Poppy. Knowing what happens to Tall Poppies you would think that I would not be so obvious in my Tallness. But no...

Going with this example: I got to enjoy watching two Tall Poppies interact. One Poppy is trying to rehabilitate something by getting the other Poppy to get involved with the matter. I watched the uninvolved Poppy shirk and shrug, negatively about himself, while the motivated Poppy continued on. Eventually I was noticed and accepted, as a spectator (?), while this continued until I could not keep my mouth shut. I pointed out the issue for uninvolved Poppy, basically pointed to the cross we all bear while alive, while explaining the essence of motivated Poppy's intentions.

Three Tall Poppies talking forming an interesting trinity. I can't seem to avoid the trinity in my life. So daring to open my mouth, I am now on the list of potential resources for motivated Poppy to consider. Which brought me to a stress relieving epiphany.

My life has recently been plagued by the actions and intentions of people without good intentions my direction. Challenging their behaviors has created a butt load of work for me. Painful, stressful, work. And I am no closer to having things solved. However I realized that not only should I stop trying... trying to solve their problems/issues grants them more power of me than they deserve.

So instead of investing time and energy into correcting bad behaviors... I am just going to invest my time and energy into motivated Poppies agendas and goals. After all, I voted "for" him, the least I can do is make myself available for the needs of my local Mayor.

PS: This button is so you can donate to my ongoing blog. However, those that purchased my autobiography are getting them. Virtual first, of course, those that wanted printed will take some printing time.

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