Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Achievement List

I had planned to act something of a fool today. After all, it is my day off from work and April Fool's day. I have a murse (man purse according to my wife) that is rugged and masculine. Like a seattle sling but more suitable to my specific needs. I have also have a holster for my airsoft pellet gun(s). So I put those two together and was going to have some fun.

Now the trick to carrying on is never get carried away.

No police involvement if it can be avoided. If it can't, hands and arms raised damned high and no sudden movements of any kind. With the holster in view, a police officer must treat you (First!) as an armed weapon ready to fire. Getting carried away from that situation is not the goal.

Secondly, no scaring the normals. Will it may seem funny at times it is not socially acceptable behavior. Doing that brings in the Police (refer to above on that!).

So, I took out my old rucksack (from 1941) put a replacement (new) flag into it, put my U.S. Army flag into it (on the offbeat chance it could be used), grabbed my airsoft pellet gun M-16 mockup. (Clearly and brightly tagged) and went to the old Hill Top School to replace the weather beaten flag on that pole.


No police or citizen involvement. It even had clips for a second flag so I got to put up the Army flag. I even uploaded a video of my activity to youtube. You can even hear me exclaim when I spot the extra flag clips. So I figured my day was done. Took a quick nap and then drove my wife to work. On my way home.... some thing happened that I thank the Lord for with all of my heart.

After exit 9 on Route 16, you head towards 108 on 9 towards a very active intersection. Turn lanes, turn offs, and lights galore for 4 lanes of traffic, each way, meeting each other. In the slow lane, almost at the intersection a car was broken down with flashers going.

As I passed it, working my with the Eighteen wheelers, I noticed the driver. Young lady stressed out and worried. Almost panicked and she was about my daughter's age. I went through the intersection, did a turn around a few blocks down then worked my way over to the 5 Guys parking lot. Parked and walked over.

Tapping her back window, I got her attention. Introduced myself with my Pease Greeters name tag, attached to my Desert Storm Veteran hat, and asked her if I could be of assistance. She took in a deep breath and almost through her arms around me in despair and relief. She told me she called AAA but after that had no idea what to do.

I said, "You drive, I push."

As I was pushing her into the 5 Guys lot, a huffing and puffing, a pair of guys ran over and helped. Irony being what it was, they originally thought they were helping me. And, to be honest, they were: Helping me help another man's daughter the same age as my own daughter (I later found out).

Of course, once we got her to the lot I stayed on overwatch until AAA got there. And she picked my brain, as grateful young women do. According to her, it made sense that a Combat Veteran Freemason from Philadelphia would be the one of hundreds passing that would stop to help. I told her, those labels do apply but at it's simplest, for me, a fellow human being was on the side of the road needing assistance.

What else could I do to satisfy the Lord's gift in front of me?

In closing, this has really been a damn good April Fool's day.

I don't mind being a fool if I get these kind of achievements.

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