Friday, June 27, 2014

My trip to Philly brought more awareness...

... of how bad the Krempels Center was for me.

Becoming my friend, via social media, Brie was able to reach out and offend everyone I knew. This was "news" to me. I had dinner with an old high school buddy whose wife is a professional in the disabled support industry. She was astonished at my recovery levels, made me smile, but expressed concern regarding Brie. Apparently Robin had to De-friend the crazy ho-bag who engaged in copious amounts of "not safe for work" activity. It got me trying to think back on how Brie became my friend.

Brie is a brain injury survivor that I met at Krempels 7 months after my injury. Now, granted, I took myself there (remarkable ability of mine) however they should have told me to come back in eight (8) months. 7 + 8 = 15 months AFTER my traumatic brain injury.

That is important as the first three (3) months after such an injury there is little, to none, cognitive recovery. Then it takes twelve (12) months after for sapience to properly return. At that point, the injured should be tested for social re-integration. Any brain injury professional will tell you, this process is important and should NOT be violated as it may cause issues, or the appearance of issues, in the recovery.

Seven (7) months after my injury, six (6) months after enduring comatose states, Krempels introduced me to a Piranha without any warning of any kind. In fact, complaining about the Piranha got the local police involved.... at Krempels' request. Going to my local police to stop a stalker got police after me... by the stalker's good friends at the Krempels' Center.

Still, what enabled me to be so gullible as to allow Brie access to my life, my computer, and my money?

Marijuana is what.

Brie regularly smokes. 2nd Hand smoke re-ignited my nicotine habit. But she doesn't just smoke tobacco. I had to regularly ask her to stop smoking weed in my car. I grew up around it and I know the dangers of it but my wife grew up near it and hates the smell of it. Without realizing the specific smell... she still hates it and when the whiff of it enters the air she gets hostile. So, Brie wanted my wife hostile to me (by smoking it around me) but also to impair my thought process via 2nd hand smoke.

And this is what the Krempels Center did for me. Introduced a weed smoking pot head to a brain injured person, complain to the Police when I asked her to stop stalking me, and made me Person-Non-Grata at the Portsmouth Community Center. So much so that when I showed up, quiet and reserved, at the Governor's (of New Hampshire) Public Hearing on treatment and discrimination against the Disabled... police officers escorted me from the hearing.

I guess the Krempel's Center Staff (who called the Police) was concerned that I'd complain about their violating my HIPAA to the Police. I have never had any interaction with Portsmouth Police, in fact any nearby Police Department until I reported a stalker, however the Portsmouth Police readily had information that was only available from my Medical Records, which the Krempels Center snatched a few pages from... without consent of me or my wife.

And I should be a big man and forget the harm that they did to me? I would do so if not for my concern that they would do this to any brain injured veteran (like me) that may cross their door. After all, my being a combat veteran was much ado when I showed up. Silly me, I should've shut up and acted as disabled as they wanted me to appear instead of trying to ask intelligent questions.

PS: Irony being, she regularly carries weed into the Portsmouth Community Center, one time I saw a whole ounce, which is supposed to be a safe place environment. Using the "safe place" aspect to slander my reputation.... ironic wot?

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