Monday, September 2, 2013

The Changes...

Hmmm, well to start with I finally got a neurologist. Eleven months and seven days after my traumatic brain injury I finally got to have a personal appointment with a neurologist. At that, I was the one who dug her name up and set the appointment. Not easy being your own case manager! As a added bonus, the medical files that Bingham & Womans sent, via fax, are almost inelligible. So I have to call them up, order up my records, and drive down there and get them. WooHoo.

Speaking of >woohoos<, my finances have taken a harsh beating. My liquidity is being threatened which is a new irony for me. Many people have gained relief, or advantage, from my liquidity however their liquidity in returning what was borrowed is starting to interfere with my own liquidity. In fairness, all the loans happened before my accident. So no one has taken advantage of me in taking money. However it would be to my benefit if funds were returned to me while I learn how to manage my finances... ... again.

Finally I've come to something of a realization about what I may have to live with regarding this brain injury. My wife jokes (teasing me) when I make a mistake, "That's not brain injury related. That is XY Chromosome related." Accurate tease I might add however I am coming to the awareness that more of my XY errors are, in fact, brain injury related. I'll explain...

For a time I had no idea who, or what, I was. Then I learnt that I was human, that I could swallow, that I could talk, and that I could (eventually) go to the bathroom without assistance. Subsequently I have learned many things about myself and one of those things is that I am male. Now I did make male mistakes in the past, and yes some of them were honest mistakes, however as I relearn social interaction I am making a lot of them. I joke by saying that I could have a few Sheldon moments at the bat of an eye.

Well, I have been having Sheldon moments. And Penny is not happy with that.

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