Tuesday, September 17, 2013

6 Days 2 Go... ...

I started going long on my Facebook posting and I realized that it was not a "post", it was a story. So I shall begin...

Had a very interesting morning. First, I did not sleep until 4AM and slept till 7AM. Nice bright and fully refreshed. I then started my day by doing my morning light "Police Call" at the Somersworth VFW Post. While I was out there the VFW "watcher" asked me if I could half-staff the flags. So I did and then I noticed that the flag at the Somersworth City Hall was at full staff. So I waited in the VFW until City Hall opened and then went to the City Clerk's office.

She looked up and asked me how could she help me. I responded, "I think I can help you." She took a deep breath and said, "What, again?" See on Sept 11th I met her for the first time when I pointed out that the flag was at full staff. So she reached for a phone and that is when I found out that the City doesn't have someone in a position for such matters. So I piped up, "You won't be upset if I go do it, will you?" She was shocked at the idea and then she smiled, "Sure!" So on the 6th day till my 1 year TBI anniversary I got to lower the Somersworth flag to half-staff.

As an added bonus, I have set an appointment with the clerk that I will be there to raise it to full-staff on this coming Monday. That is one week after the Washington D.C. tragedy and it complies with President Obama's good & just presidential order. In added measure, that will be the day of my 1 year mark after my accident.

On Sept 23, 2012 I woke up early in the morning, kissed my wife farewell as she slept, and then drove down to Boston for the 2012 Hub On Wheels event. That morning something happened. Most people express that day was bad. I don't. That was the luckiest day of my life. It was not a good day, no siree bob, however given the choices "Life" was the one that the Lord made available to me. It was a very blessed day.

So in commemeration of that event, I will also be the hand(s) that raise the Somersworth flag to full staff.

A friend recently asked me about my reasons and designs on the things that I do. I told him I do nothing for plain face value. Everything I do is for two or more reasons, always. However whenever I find something with three unprovoked, by me, reasons I do it and I do it right. That is when I know that the Lord has my poor soul within his designs. Three, trinity, Father; Son; and the Holy Ghost.

How can I avoid that?

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