Saturday, September 21, 2013

One Night In Jita

Two more days and I hit the 1 year anniversary of my accident. It is hard to explain how Traumatic Brain Injury has "unlocked" me. I used to be so very creative, very much a Tall Poppy, however I learned how to make myself readily acceptable by the messed up standards Society places upon the "not normal".

Today I am trying to arrange a gathering of my virtual friends who live near me. We met and spent much time in an MMO called Eve Online. Not a nice place mind you. A place where people live for deceitful accomplishments. I have a strong history in that environment and and almost as strong reputation. I never cut a bad deal. I never ever cheat anyone. No matter what incentives in play, no matter my opinion of that person, nefarious thoughts do not live here, ever. So much a reputation in these matters EON magazine interviewed me for publication.

All I am trying to do is to get an impromptu Corp Op, in meat space, to have a meal at the TeaTotaller. A time where a couple of military veterans, we all are, can sit down and enjoy each others company. But that got me thinking back on something that is a wonderful display of my creative tongue-in-cheek wit. An example of who I used to be, before TBI, and who I still am, after TBI. Sadly, since I don't have access to my old social skills... I stand out like a squeaky wheel.

More dramatically, as I used to tell people, not a squeaky wheel but a nail that stands up. Wheels cry for oil, yes they do, however oil is an ever disappearing commodity. Nails that stand up, however, are cured with a hammer. Hammering nails seems to be a popular past time in this Media driven shallow wit Society. Alas, I see a lot of hammers being raised since my brain injury... and not a drop of oil anywhere. Shucks, I keep expending my own personal oil on people/organizations and they just keep hammering away thinking that I am somehow made of oil for the taking.

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