Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Autobiography ... ... or not.

I find myself in a position of writing about myself. However this is usually considered an Autobiography, hopefully from someone worth reading about. Now, I do know that parts of my life is useful to know. Why go through it if you can read about it. However some things you have to go through on your own no matter how skillfully I can relay the experience. No matter how many words I throw at a topic you won't know it until after the fact.

"Experience is a back breaker, especially when you don't have it!"

That allows me to segue into a topic, my finances compel me to seek alternatives to my current life situation. Now, I could use my "cv" to try to get ahead, sure. Having the D.O.D. and Electronic Arts on it makes mine exceedingly attractive, especially in the IT field. The skills I could bring to bear are usually beyond the needs, and desires, of most East Coast corporations. Also, I could just become a cyber panhandler. Standing around on the Internet, waving a dirty "please help poor little old me" blanket, just humming for money till my money worries are gone. Yeah I could do that or I could create content that is worthwhile.

The idea of spending my time productively, now that is attractive. Both to you and to me. I've lightly hit google trying to find a newzine venue and I'd be working way too much for a middle man's success. Not my own or yours, just busting my chops to make him successfull though he expends very little effort. Not my kind of sense to be honest. I understand that to use the financial system there will always be leeches attached at various non-removable spots yet I can do what I can to avoid as many of the binds as I can.

This brings me to the next problem, publishing. As this blog shows I don't need a publisher to speak. However I don't know of any publisher that won't want an author to become a media driven ego maniac. Of course that would mean that you'd have to repeatedly buy the ever oncoming versions of my autobiography as well. Through traditional methods I would only share with a few of you and only share every so often with an ever shrinking sample. Unnacceptable in the extreme.

So I am going to try something that will handle financials, as you the reader would like. I am using PayPal to accept donations. Donations that will be used, potentially non-profit like, however instead of just a blanket request for money I am attached a donatable amount per article. Now, let's be clear: You can read as much as you like freely. If you are so inclined, you (at your choice) may applaud or agree with the aspect of our society that everyone seems to respect. Some articles mean much more to me than others. Some articles are about topics I really don't much care about. However, this method will still allow you to freely consume what I have to say to whatever measure you care to do.

In the end, this methodology (I think) gives equal respect to both the author AND the reader.

Go ahead, press this button.

(You don't have to accept - but press it. You know you want to!)

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